$150 laptop from Medison?

Update!!! Find more info about medison at:

Today I was sent the link to a $150 Laptop from Medison and tought it looked to cheap even for these specs:
* IntelĀ® Celeron 1.5 GHz CPU
* 14″ Widescreen X-bright LCD
* 256 MB Ram memory
* 40 GB Hard Drive
* 802.11g Wireless LAN
* Optimized Linux operating system
* Pre-installed office and multimedia applications
With delievery of 4-6 weeks.

Their UK address is listed as:
Medison Europe Limited
27 Ruffets Wood
Gravesend, Kent
DA12 5JQ England

Here are their domicile pictures from their website
San Francisco
Sau Paulo
and heres their UK address courtesy of Google maps!

Heres the Date of Incorporation: 13/07/2007
Another company same address
and a third
and a forth
And the list goes on (they prob save a lot on rent that way)

medison.se was registered 2007-02-09 and
medisoncelebrity.com was registered 2007-04-11.

I hope that this isn’t a scam. I’d love to buy one.

Update: It hit Slash dot /.

They found the PC used on the medison site

Check out the Clevo here

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