Dallas trip

Im leaving for the airport in about 8 hrs and according to the new rules on bringing liquids aboard planes no containers with more then 100ml in them so I wont be able to bring shaving cream since I cant get it in a 100ml container…

My flight for Amsterdam leaves at 6:30AM then its over the Atlantic to Minneapolis and from there its just a short flight to Dallas. I should arrive in there at 16:30 (local time).

This is where Im going

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  1. Popklop says:

    U still in Dallas?? kinda long trip ain’t it??

  2. wipeout says:

    Nå nå nå. Altså jer blev hen til Amerika hos noget halvtosset ideer

    Looky here. Dallas is NOT a good representation of Texas and even a worse representation of the US. Dallas is a major city with its major issues. Crime is on the uprise since the refugees from Katrina are crammed in there and the Traffic is caused by the affluence of the surrounding areas.

    I can not believe that you’d even compare an Airport BK with one of our knockoff cloned BK’s in your land. And whoever let you eat mall food should be horse whipped. That’s a no no.

    It’s obvious that you need to have some real American hospitality…tell that penny pinching nickel and dime outfit of yours that your flying into Tampa next time and you’ll need two days there before connecting to Dallas. I’m going to show you what livin in the US is really like.

    Give me your bosses email…that poofta cant treat you like that.

  3. I didnt mean to make it sound like I was an expert on the US I only remarked on the things I saw (mostly in Dallas) and I accept you invitation and I will see what I can do about getting over there again.


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