Save Windows XP! The clock is ticking

Microsoft will end OEM and shrink-wrapped sales of Windows XP on June 30, 2008, forcing users to shift to Vista. (System builders, meaning those who do white-box PCs, can sell XP through December 31.) Don’t let that happen!



Update Jan 28th:
How to get Windows XP after June 30

Update Feb 9th:
Microsoft Responds to the petition!

One Response to “Save Windows XP! The clock is ticking”

  1. storm says:

    Don’t worry about XP, just get Ubuntu or another GNU/Linux operating system for free and for freedom. Micro$oft’s development methodology is outdated and their products suck – Vista is a disaster – and their crusade against commons based peer production and other social projects in the networked information economy is outright pathetic. Just close the windoze, there is a Free Software storm coming!

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