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Vista Error 0XC0190036

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

I just had a Lenovo 3000 N200 with Windows Vista that would not “boot” it just showed a black screen with the error code: 0XC0190036 !! 1234/72265 (Random.file) flashing onscreen

What I could read online was that the random.file (in my case xcopy.exe) was corrupted and therefore Vista would not continue… The fix is to delete the file and on a Lenovo that can be done from Rescue and Recovery preboot area, by opening the Opera browser and choose “save as” on a random link then browsing to the file thats corrupted (c:\windows\system32\xcopy.exe) right click on it and select DELETE, then cancel the save.

Now just reboot and SP1 should replace the missing file!

Using NTBackup on Windows Server 2008 to backup Exchange 2007

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

If you are running out of disk space, because your transaction log files is filling up your HD, you can either:
Turn on circular logging or How Circular Logging Affects the Use of Transaction Logs
Perform a full backup to commit the transaction logs (recommended)

But Windows Server 2008 does not come with a backup program for Exchange but if you dont want to buy a 3rd party backup program you can use NT Backup from Windows Server 2003

You will need to copy the following files to a folder on your Windows Server 2008:
Now simply run ntbackup.exe and backup your exchange stores

NTBackup x64 809 KB (7ZIP)
NTBackup x64 916 KB (RAR)
NTBackup x64 1136 KB (ZIP)

NTBackup x86 519 KB (7ZIP)
NTBackup x86 581 KB (RAR)
NTBackup x86 695 KB (ZIP)