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Grøn Koncert 2008 – Nørresundby (Nørre Uttrup)

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

12.30 Koncertpladsen åbner
13.10 Suspekt
13.45 MC´s Fight Night Tag Team Battle – Semifinaler
14.50 Magtens Korridorer
15.45 Burhan G
16.20 Nik & Jay
17.25 MC´s Fight Night Tag Team Battle – Finale
18.10 Aqua
19.15 Spleen United
19.50 D-A-D
21.00 Grøn Koncert slutter

Stemnings billede < -> Magtens Korridorer

Aqua < -> D-A-D

Vejret var lidt ustadigt ;)

Why PayPal suck!

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

If you sign up for a subscription through PayPal to support PodCasts and what not, and if you then get:
A new CreditCard
Add it to PayPal
Remove the old non working one

You cancel ALL your subscriptions rather then being asked to move them to your new PRIMARY Credit Card. Tsk tsk…