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The Dallas trip

Sunday, December 10th, 2006

Monday 13/11-2006 4AM

Security Check (Billund)
I had to remove my belt and my shoes and then they “wanded” me everywhere even under my feet (standing on one leg at 5 AM is a bit tricky). This made it the most thorough of the security checks on the trip to the US.

Fokker 100 (Billund-Amsterdam)
I got a window seat but being 6:30 in the morning it was dark and it was raining and foggy so I didn’t see much other then clouds and the landing at Amsterdam.

Check in and Security Check (Amsterdam)
We had to check in almost 2hrs before boarding because of the security check but we were there early so we didn’t have to stand in line just sit and wait and they just padded me down when my buttons set the metal detector of.

Airbus 330 (Amsterdam-Minneapolis)
Smooth flight but I was seated in 23D so I didn’t see anything so I tried to sleep the whole flight.

Security Check (Minneapolis)
Priceless look on the US customs officer when he saw why he could not get a scan of my right index finger.

DC9 (Minneapolis-Dallas)
We almost missed this flight because we had to recheck some luggage (Claiming it just to check it after going through customs) but the flight was delayed. I loved their attempt at a Business Class in a DC9.

The driver was looking for something in the van and I saw a shoe on the backseat and asked if that was what he was looking for, then I noticed it was black and the shoe he was wearing was white, but it was the one he was looking for. Later when telling we came from Denmark he asked if it was Copenhagen we said : “No Aalborg.” To which he replied: “I only know Copenhagen… Because of the tobacco.” So now we know what he does in his spare time ;)

Hotel Wyndham
I got a “King Suite” on the 5th floor with an OK view

There was Coffee maker in the bath room?!?

We ate dinner in the hotel restaurant I got a Texas Burger and some fries, the waiters were really friendly, I guess they have to be to earn their customary 5-10% tip.

Tuesday 14/11-2006
Woke at about 5AM and got up at 6AM at 8AM the clock radio started with a morning prayer (probably the Gideon’s that set it to that radio station)

Their water smelled a bit of chlorine but they had some great Lime scented soap to make it taste a lot better :D

I met the IT guy over here and I’m really happy with him, he has lots of experience with smaller companies. We also met with Cbeyond Communications to give us a deal on a T1 connection.

Just as in Denmark, with TDC, South Western Bell could not have a T1 up and running before 45 business days so Cbeyond will order a T1 from them instead and get it in 5 days and then set it up for us as quickly as they can (20-30 days).

Cbeyond HQ

View from the office toward downtown Dallas

Vending machine that refused to take my money.

In the evening we went to a Galleria close to the hotel it had a lot of upscale stores and we ate at a Mexican style restaurant the food there was really good and the portions were NOT as big as people say they are.

Wenedsday 15/11-2006
I was woken up at 3:30 by a phone call from BOL, thx :D

I didn’t have to much work to do other then installing some printer drivers and setting up a shared internet connection through a data card so every one could check mail until the T1 is installed.

Me at the US office

Afternoon gridlock on North Central Expressway

We ate lunch at The Olive Garden where we got a lot of different food but the thing I noticed was the battered and deep fried cheese :D

Buying my iPod
I wanted to get an iPod so I looked up an Apple Store and there was one at a nearby mall it was harder to find the mall then planed :) The Apple Store looked really good but they were to busy to be friendly (talking to more customers at once) they just wanted people out the door.

We ate at the food court and got some Chinese take away style food it was ok (the food court was not busy at all so the food was not so “fresh”)

My 80Gb iPod

Thursday 16/11-2006
I was again woken by a call from Denmark, this time it was business, so I didn’t want to tell them where I was an that it was 4AM.

The trip home

I got to try some Burger King fast food at Dallas Airport and as I had been told the quality of the fast food is much better in Denmark.

I forgot to put my mobile phone through the X-ray machine so I smuggled it through the “security” check and I got away with it.

Airbus 330 (Detroit-Amsterdam)
Pretty cool airport! It had an indoor train and huge TV screens.
I got a local beer while we waited for our flight

Friday 17/11-2006
At 800 km/h the time zones are changed fast over the Atlantic so Thursday soon turned into Friday.
When we landed and I went to turn on my mobile phone I discovered it was already on , but I guess if it was as dangerous as the make it out to be the would collect all cell phones at the security check.

Not a lot going on here I was just looking forward to getting home to my bed and when I did I slept for 24 hours (2×12 hours I woke up and got something to eat then I went to bed again)

Dallas seemed like a friendly place but I got the feeling they have a small problem with crime (we were warned about taking a walk in the evening or just walking somewhere). Their roads are a nightmare and I saw at least 5 accidents the short time I was there.